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Fishing the Mississippi River System

The Mississippi River system can be an intimidating body of water.  Here are some quick tactics I used as this was my first time fishing this river system. 

Late Season Deer Hunting: The Art of Meandering

Recently our group has been using a method I call “meandering”.  This method is especially effective with a small group of hunters during the late season.  It works best in smaller woodlots (50-100 acres) surrounded by farmland.  

Build Your Own Duck Blind - A DIY Approach

I am not a professional duck blind builder.  I am not a "craftsman" although I am an ambitious DIY guy.  I do not have endless money in the bank to build professional duck blinds and have them installed in my various waterfowl locations.  But what I do have is a pile of wood, a couple extra crates, and a desire to build something that is functional.  I want to have a better

10 Tracking Tips for Bowhunters after the Shot

One of the most exciting parts of bow hunting is following a blood trail.  Feelings of anticipation and confidence are mixed with uncertainty and doubt.  Here are 10 tips that can help you follow your trail to a happy ending. 

Winter Fly Fishing with Nymphs

In my capacity as a professional fly fishing guide and instructor, I am asked a lot of questions and one question that came up recently was that of winter nymph fishing. Like the gentleman that I was speaking to, when I first entered the ranks of the fly fishermen, I too read and absorbed nearly every book I could find on the sport and, like my client, the reading I had done had led me to belie

Argentina: a dove hunter’s magical paradise

Anyone who has ever experienced a really good opening day to Dove season clearly recalls what it is like to have that many birds flying and to hear so many shots being fired that it sounds like a small arms war instead of a dove shoot. In fact, since the bag limit in most (or all?) states is 15 birds per day and most really good dove shooters only bag one bird for every three shells fired, you

What Gun to Take on Your Next Argentina Dove Hunt

Unlike Skeet or Trap targets, Doves do not always fly at the same speed, in the same direction, in a nice, level, flight path. Therefore, a good dove gun is seldom the same as one that is specially designed for those shooting sports. Consequently, most avid dove hunters have a favorite shotgun just for dove hunting. But, when heading out to Argentina to hunt doves, you might want to reconsider

Ground Blinds for Bow Hunters

If you are like me, you are anxiously awaiting the opening day of bow season for deer in your state and, for us here in the Southeast, it happens very soon. Thus, by now you have probably thoroughly scouted your hunting territory, determined the perfect place to place your tree stand, and have your trail well marked so that you can easily follow it in the dark. However, instead of using a tree