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Planning for the Rut

 This article is not describing how to kill a 1.5 or 2.5 year old buck. Rather, these are my tactics for pursuing a 3+ year old buck who never appears to show himself in daylight and is seemingly impossible to kill. 

Selecting The Perfect Scope

Whether you are planning to use your new rifle for hunting or target shooting a quality scope is one of the most valuable accessories you will ever purchase.  While the majority of firearms are designed to be used without a scope adding one to your rifle will not only increase your range and accuracy it will also allow you to take maximum advantage of your firearm’s capabilities. Equippi

Reverse Limb Crossbows: Pros and Cons

With the majority of the weight being up front on conventional crossbows it makes it difficult to “shoulder” and maneuver freely. With the limbs being more centered with the reverse limbed design it allows for a shorter and more balanced crossbow. Now I’m not recommending you go trap shooting or upland bird hunting with one, but it is far easier to hold steady while hunting.

5 Factors That Influence The Rut

This years rutting moon, the second full moon after the autumnal equinox, occurs on the 27th of October for 2015, a full week and a half before last years rutting moon occurred. This indicates an earlier rut than in years past.

DIY Homemade Deer Lures and Scent Cover Ideas

Use what is native to your hunting grounds to put deer at ease. If you hunt the big woods take acorns and boil them with some leaves and branches. Cover the pot and let it simmer. You are making an “Earth Tea” that can be put in a spray bottle and used as a cover scent. If you hunt a cedar swamp grab a few boughs of cedar and bring those to a boil as well.

Choosing the Right Trailcam

“Which Trailcam should I get?” is the second most asked question in the industry preceded only by “Which broadhead is the best?” It makes sense, though. Anytime I am spending my hard earned money I want to make sure I am getting a product I like and am confident in. After all, there is nothing worse than checking cameras to find lots of false triggers, low, grainy quality, or even worse

Stalking During the Rut

Stalking requires a good knowledge of the area, deer trails and potential hides or bedding spots. I would never advocate stalking an unfamiliar area, this is known as scouting and bagging a deer doing it is more luck than skill. Before attempting to stalk you should know the area like it’s your own house and have a mental picture of everything. Not only does this help anticipate where deer ma

Top Five States for Hunting Your Next Trophy Whitetail

Almost every hunter dreams of their “bucket list hunt”, that one big trip they have been dreaming of which ends with a once in a life time decoration for the living room wall. Once the money has been saved the question often comes down to “Where?” Hopefully, the information below will assist you in making sure that your trip truly is a dream rather than a nightmare of missed opportuniti