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Hunt Cold Weather Bucks: How to Stay Warm During the Late Season

The late season offers some of the best hunting opportunities of the year. Big bucks that survived archery & rifle season are often forced into the open to feed midday and all you need to do is be there. Of course, It’s not as easy when temperatures have dropped into the sub-zero range and bone-chilling winds are the norm. But that is part of the charm of hunting after everyone else ha

How to Start Canning Your Venison

Open any avid hunter’s freezer and you are bound to see frozen steaks, roasts, and ground venison. All of which are delicious. There is one less popular method that most hunter’s haven’t tried; Canned venison. Now it may seem weird to eat meat out of a can but trust me. It is amazing!

Weather and Whitetail Deer Movement

Imagine a life spent entirely outside absent of walls and a roof to protect you from the elements, no grocery store to stock up on essential fats and protein, no warm blankets to wrap up into when a chill comes over you. A world without smartphones or weather forecast apps - the weathermen are never right, anyway. Whitetails live exactly that life. They are survivors of the fittest ki

The 9 Best Hunting Gifts for your Favorite Bowhunter under $100

Hunting isn’t complicated. At its core, it is about as simple as it gets. Find deer. Shoot Deer. Eat Deer. For bowhunters, the key is consistency. By being consistent, we can ensure our arrow flies true on the shot that truly counts. Our desire for consistency makes it extremely difficult for the well-intentioned gift- getters to find the right gift for their favorite hunter. So here it is, t

How to Score a Buck

For many hunters, a prized buck is measured by all of the factors that came into play, lead to the harvest, and created the hunting experience. But to truly score the trophy, we must focus on inches. Scoring a whitetail buck is similar to that of other antlered animals, in order to declare the size of a trophy, we measure the size of its antlers. 

Planning for the Rut

 This article is not describing how to kill a 1.5 or 2.5 year old buck. Rather, these are my tactics for pursuing a 3+ year old buck who never appears to show himself in daylight and is seemingly impossible to kill. 

Selecting The Perfect Scope

Whether you are planning to use your new rifle for hunting or target shooting a quality scope is one of the most valuable accessories you will ever purchase.  While the majority of firearms are designed to be used without a scope adding one to your rifle will not only increase your range and accuracy it will also allow you to take maximum advantage of your firearm’s capabilities. Equippi

Coyotes for Beginners: Predator Hunting 101

One of the reasons coyote hunting has grown in popularity is their widespread availability. Coyotes are no longer limited to the western states, but can now be found in nearly every state including the East Coast. 

Reverse Limb Crossbows: Pros and Cons

With the majority of the weight being up front on conventional crossbows it makes it difficult to “shoulder” and maneuver freely. With the limbs being more centered with the reverse limbed design it allows for a shorter and more balanced crossbow. Now I’m not recommending you go trap shooting or upland bird hunting with one, but it is far easier to hold steady while hunting.

5 Factors That Influence The Rut

This years rutting moon, the second full moon after the autumnal equinox, occurs on the 27th of October for 2015, a full week and a half before last years rutting moon occurred. This indicates an earlier rut than in years past.